Lalu is all about a state of luxury. Our goal is simple; we aim to change the entire portable toilet experience one ensuite at a time. Porta loos, toilets, loos, portable ensuites… whatever you call them, let’s be honest there is nothing glamourous about them.

Until now. Until Lalu.

Lalu supply high-end ensuite toilets that exceed world-class quality, workmanship and design. Perfect for your next event, function, festival or wedding - where exceeding guest expectations is paramount!

South Australian designed and manufactured, Lalu’s luxury ensuites take the ordinary and make it extraordinary – our ensuites challenge every pre-conceived notion about the current experience that comes from portable toilets.

Bespoke interior design, complete style bar, matron service – you name it! Lalu’s luxe powder rooms have it all. Meaning you can provide complete luxury, cleanliness and a serious “wow” factor to your next event!

Designed by top engineers and award-winning architects, and brought to you by a team of event specialists, our portable bathroom facilities and amenities are nothing short of first-class.

Available for hire in South Australia only. For more information or to book a Lalu luxury ensuite please fill out the form below and we will respond within 2 business days. 


Welcome to the revolution.
Lalu is changing the event ensuite experience forever and we want to share it with you, so you can experience their luxury and splendour. Prepare to witness innovation and creativity at its finest. A complete game-changer that sets a new benchmark for all events and weddings of the future. It’s going to be epic.  

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- A state of ultimate beauty, extravagance and opulence; to surpass expectations; incomparable like no other; breathtaking beyond belief; the height of complete luxury and splendour; a phenomenal experience.
“The girls were in complete Lalu as to how a la lu could be so luxurious.”